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We are actively recruiting and enrolling students! 

Our position is: we want to place students and staff in proximity to experiences that evoke ancestral memory, center Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies, and interlace critical literacy and critical consciousness in all subjects. 

We are designing school-wide projects, community events, and curricula that decolonize, defend, and assert sovereignty and self-determination. 

2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR

To enroll, please fill out the application for New or Returning Students and bring to our office from 8-4pm. 


New Students


  • First: Families submit this lottery application to enter the lottery.

  • Second: The School will notify families if they have been selected to enroll their student through the lottery or if they have been placed on a waitlist. 

  • Third: Families complete the enrollment packet and orientation to finalize student enrollment at Six Directions.

Lottery applications for next school year will be received on a rolling basis, and on an assigned date, the number of applications will be compared to the number of available seats. If we have more applications than open seats for any grade, then a random lottery will be held which will determine who is offered enrollment and who is placed on a wait list. 

Click below to fill out the online application!


Download a copy of our Lottery Application Packet for NEW STUDENTS, click the

PDF file.


Download a copy of our family brochure to share here


Returning Students


  • First: Families can download the Registration packet below for re-enrollment. Please complete application, including submitting required documents. Please email registration packet to : 

  • Please label/title your email: RE: Registration Packet/Re-enrollment; STUDENTS NAME 

  • Or drop forms off at the front office. There are also Re-enrollment Packets available at the school.   

  • Second: The School will notify families if additional information is needed.

  • Third: If you would like to check on your students registration process or have any questions, please call: (505) 863-1900.


Download the Registration Packet here for RETURNING STUDENTS!


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