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SDIS Staff

Dr. Tamara Allison - Head Administrator 

Dr. Allison's family roots are from Ganado, AZ and Tohatchi, NM, of the Navajo Nation. Her clans are Tachii'nii/Red Running into Water (maternal), Ashiihi/Salt People (paternal ), Ma'ii Deeshgiizhinii (maternal grandfather), and Tl'ogi/Weaver People (paternal grandfather). She continues to dedicate her time working with Indigenous youth to provide learning opportunities that meet the school's mission of college readiness and culturally relevant education. She is going into her 25th year in the education field with 15 years years in administration and 10 years as a high school English. She holds a bachelors in English and masters and doctorate degree in educational leadership. She is pleased to be working with the staff, students, and families of SDIS.      



Marilyn Reeves - Administrative Assistant of Budget & Personnel 

Being Administrative Assistant, Marilyn is possibly the busiest of all staff. To ensure that Six Directions is running smoothly, Marilyn is constantly providing help to all staff members, parents and students. She is the first face parents and visitors see when they walk through our school doors and is there to answer any questions or tasks they need carried out. Marilyn has spent most of her career in education and this will be her 5th year at six directions come 2020!


Renee Cleveland - Administrative Assistant of Attendance & Programs

Renee has been here since the school started, as a substitute, an E.A and now serves as our Attendance Coach. As such, she is always on top of making sure our students are in good standing with their attendance. If she is not in the office busy, she is the main staff raising funds in our school events or making certain the students have proper meals by cooking the schools lunch herself. Renee also is the main overseer for our Americorps Program, helping our school have all its necessities to properly function.


Cris Anthony Rabino- Math Teacher

Mr. Rabino turns math learning into a whole different level. A school year would not pass without making each student fall in love with Maths. Whether it is in person or online, Mr. Rabino can find ways and tools that make math learning in fun and enjoyable ways. With his years in the teaching field, he has been doing speakerships for math conferences, authored learning modules and was a champion coach for Mathematics competitions. He was also an international presenter for action researches in Math. He currently holds a Masters Degree in Teaching Mathematics and is now working on to finish his doctorate degree in Educational Management.


Myko Vincent W. Cagalitan-ELA Teacher

Mr. Cagalitan has been teaching English for quite some time now. He has taught English as a second/foreign language throughout different nationalities around the world. He can always be there when reading gets more complex and when writing gets a lot tougher to carry on. He used to run a high school volleyball program back in the Philippines. Currently, he is taking charge of coming up the school's first ever publication and also finds zeal editing video contents and get along well with other natives playing volleyball at Ford Canyon.  


Arlene T. Laude- Social Studies Teacher 

A 2012 graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education major in Social Studies in University of Mindanao Philippines. In 2016, she earned a Diploma in Cultural Education in University of Southeastern Philippines. Has been teaching Social Studies for 9 years. Currently, teaching Middle school and high school history at Six Directions Indigenous School. She is a passionate teacher with more than 9 years of experience implementing diverse curriculum covering wide range of subjects. Compassionate, creative, and effective in classroom administration. Applies effective classroom management techniques while developing a positive learning environment. She believes that students should learn history. History is our future. It helps us realize where we came from, how we got to where we are, and what it look to be where we are, it shape the path that can be better for us and generations.


April Reeves - Educational Assitant

Ms. Reeves has always been the constant. She does both ends as the Social Studies and the ELA teachers' assistant. Whether it is in class planning, technology preparation or students' learning assistance, Ms. Reeves is always there ready to offer a helping hand.  Safe to say, when things go awry, dial A-P-R-I-L.  


Melvin Chico
Navajo Language and Culture Teacher

Ya'at'eeh - Greetings

Welcome to the Navajo Language and Culture Class.

Woshdee' yah iina doo Ya'at'eeh. Shi'ei Dine Bizaad 

Mr. Chico ei Ba'olta'i Nishili

Melvin Chico is my name. My clan is Bitter Water, born for Mexican People. My maternal grandfather is Salt CLan, and my paternal grandfather is Black Sheep. I am married to Elsi, and we reside in the Yahtahey, NM. My degrees are BS in Science and Social Studies, and MS in School Leadership from NAU-Flagstaff, Arizona. Moreover, I obtained Level 1 Licensure to teach Native Language and Culture. I have worked here at Six Directions Indigenous School for six months and enjoy working with the students and staff. 

In Navajo Language and Culture teacher, we will be learning about clanship and family relationships and Ke'. Students will learn to formally introduce themselves in their own Dine language. Other topics include Dine character and core values, such as respect, responsibility, and other Dine values. Dine students will be expected to write summaries about what they learned, complete projects and other small activities. I am excited that your student will learn to communicate orally by learning the alphabet, consonants, and vowels. I am hoping each student will have a positive learning and fun experience this school year. Other topics to be covered will be character building, the Four-sacred mountains, traditional foods, symbols, cultural sites and others. High school student topics include the Navajo Nation government, Navajo History-the Long Walk, the Treaty of 1868 just to name a few. Ahe'hee'



Tanisha Bitsoi-Indigenous Wellness Teacher/HS Edgenuity

Ms. Bitsoi teaches Middle School Indigenous Wellness which provides students opportunities to enjoy riding and learning about bikes as well as doing Physical Education. She has taught PE for long a long period of her teaching career in Tohatchi. She also oversees the High School Edgenuity classes. She earned her degree in English Communications from Fort Lewis College and teaching certificate at Santa Fe Community College Teacher Academy with PE endorsement. 


Tina Gasper - Educational Assistant

Ms. Gasper has worked in the field of Education for 18 years. She has taught students from Kindergarten to adults in Adult Basic Education. Ms. Gasper is also a Certified Montessori Guide through the Association Montessori Internationale, her focus on Indigenous Montessori Holistic Approach Teaching. She holds a New Mexico Native Language and Culture License and enjoys teaching and promoting Indigenous Heritage and Identity. 


Teri Cron - 6th-12th Edgenuity Science Substitute

Ms. Cron will be using Edgenuity, an online program to teach 6th-11th grade Science until a permanent Science teacher is hired. She has experience in teaching 3rd-5th grade, 7th grade and high school Math. She retired as an administrator for the Gallup McKinley County School District. 


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