SDIS Staff

Dr. Tamara Allison - Head Administrator 


Dr. Allison's family roots are from Ganado, AZ and Tohatchi, NM, of the Navajo Nation. Her clans are Tachii'nii/Red Running into Water (maternal), Ashiihi/Salt People (paternal ), Ma'ii Deeshgiizhinii (maternal grandfather), and Tl'ogi/Weaver People (paternal grandfather). She continues to dedicate her time working with Indigenous youth to provide learning opportunities that meet the school's mission of college readiness and culturally relevant education. She is going into her 25th year in the education field with 15 years years in administration and 10 years as a high school English. She holds a bachelors in English and masters and doctorate degree in educational leadership. She is pleased to be working with the staff, students, and families of SDIS.   


Marilyn Reeves - Administrative Assistant of Budget & Personnel 

Being Administrative Assistant, Marilyn is possibly the busiest of all staff. To ensure that Six Directions is running smoothly, Marilyn is constantly providing help to all staff members, parents and students. She is the first face parents and visitors see when they walk through our school doors and is there to answer any questions or tasks they need carried out. Marilyn has spent most of her career in education and this will be her 5th year at six directions come 2020!


Renee Cleveland - Administrative Assistant of Attendance & Programs

Renee has been here since the school started, as a substitute, an E.A and now serves as our Attendane Coach. As such, she is always on top of making sure our students are in good standing with their attendance. If she is not in the office busy, she is the main staff raising funds in our school events or making certain the students have proper meals by cooking the schools lunch herself. Renee also is the main overseer for our Americorps Program, helping our school have all its neccessities to properly function.


Tyla Kanteena - Science Teacher, Lead Teacher

Tyla Kanteena is a graduate of Arizona State University and teaches science classes for middle and high school students. She's proven herself to be enthusiastic in working with students and as a lead teacher, assisting in google classroom training, project based learning, and assessments. Between classes she can be found constantly making adjustments to her lesson plans to better her teaching or creating new opportunities for the school to thrive.


Willard Zunie -Zuni Language and PE Teacher

Mr. Zunie has years of experience teaching the Shiwii language and culture to not only his students but in his community. He is welcoming to students and others and has plethora of knowledge of history, language, and culture to share with his students. Many of his students have gone on to college and the military and expressed their gratitude for what they learned in his classes. As an advocate for importance of Indigenous language and culture integrated into schools all the while he participates as much as he can in his own events. He is open to all perspectives and cultures around the world for he has traveled/visited in may countries, an open view he shares with his students. 


Benny Hale - Navajo Language Teacher

Mr. Hale has around 35 years of educational experience, from an assistant, educator and superintendent. At S.D.I.S, he is our Navajo Language & Culture instructor with years of teaching youth. the students have developed a strong respect for him as a pinnacle of Dine knowledge as an elder, most times you will hear him referenced as "Cheii", meaning grandpa in Dine. He makes his lessons relevant to today's society for students to understand the importance of preservation of their language and culture. As well, he also like to spoil the students with treats such as a grandpa would.


Paige Belinte -Edgenuity & Electives Teacher/ Web & Media Specialist

Paige is a Fort Lewis College graduate and currently teaches the Indigenous Wellness, Culture, Fine Arts, & College Career Prep classes. Not only do the students enjoy her personality, parents seem to also enjoy hearing what their students are learning in her classes. She is a very avid member in her communities, from skateboarding to traditional cultural ceremonies. Paige is everything Six Directions strives to incorporate in our mission. From teaching intertribal holistic practices and the importance of each student's resiliency. Both outside of the classroom and in, you will see her very compassion and empowerment of the Indigenous youth.


Scott Peina - Educational Assistant/ Technology Specialist 

Scott helps in the Math Intervention & Science classes where students enjoy his teaching methods. He helps break down the content for the students in a way they can understand. He along with Ms. Kanteena have worked as a close team to build a strong viable math & science program for S.D.I.S., by incorporating new technological programs as well as taking many trips that help stimulate students minds beyond the classroom. Scott is a real asset to the school, always creating new ways for students strive.


Alberta Nozie - Substitute Teacher

Ya'aa'teeh, shi' ei' Alberta Nozie yiinshee. Taachinii nishlee, Dzilghaanii baashiichiin, Toodachiinii da shicheii aa'doo Dzilghaanii da shi'nali. Greetings, my name is Alberta Nozie. I am of the Red Runs into the Water Clan and born for the Apache Mountain people. My maternal grandparents are of Bitter Water Clan and my paternal grandparents are from the Apache Mountain Clan. I am from Fort Defiance, AZ.  I have been working in the field of education for 28 years now. I taught high school students at Window Rock High School and have been a school administrator - principal, asst. principal and athletic director with GMCS for 21 years.

At SDIS, I work with other teachers/staff to meet student achievement needs, goals, & the schools mission to provide a relevant, culturally based education. Over the years, I have gained valuable knowledge, experience, & have overseen the implementation of the most current essential & effective best practices of teaching & learning that produces student achievement especially for our Native American students. At the heart of this is connecting with all students and establishing a relationship that inspires learning, self discipline, & success while using SDIS Holistic Wellness approach and the Wellness Framework. My goal as a teacher at SDIS is to guide & motivate students in learning specific content while instilling responsibility, discipline, & love of learning so that they can successfully obtain their high school diploma to further their education & careers to become productive citizens in their communities. 


April Reeves - Educational Assitant

Kaitlin Begay and Amber Halkini- Student Support Specialist 

Kaitlin Begay....

Amber Halkini's clans are Bitter water, Red bottom people, Honey combed rock, and Black Streakwood. I want to help the students succeed by being a helping hand during these hard times and for them to feel comfortable with telling us anything. My personal goal during my service this year is to help the teachers, students and staff with getting used to online schooling. I want to ensure that students are getting the support that they deserve and need to be successful in school. Working in Indigenous Education is important to me because I want students to know where they came from, who they are, where they are going and prepare them for their future educational endeavors as young Indigenous scholars.